Anonymous Vocals

by Building Castles

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This is just the vocals for Anonymous, for those wanting to use this song on an Anon video and have vocals only some of the time.


The revolution will not be televised
It will be streamed live
To every PC, Laptop, every cellphone tonight

We do not forgive
We do not forget
We are...Anonymous

We are anonymous
We'll be victorious
We are the ones in notorious places

We are anonymous
You can't destroy us
We'll wipe the smiles right off of your faces

Everywhere that you go
It could be anyone you know
Your best friend, for revenge
Passing strangers in the flow

Build an army, start a war
Powered by computer core
Victory electrically
So much different than before

This is a world wide weapon
Comin' at you with a lesson
Put our patience to the test
And we'll hit you with aggression

This ain't 1984
We won't take this shit no more
Turn the tables on this bitch
Then we'll even up the score

Anonymous raise hell
Like molotov cocktails
We're always good to throw down
On this digital playground

We came for a riot
Not here to be quiet
So go on, make some more noise
This silence must be destroyed

We are A-N-O-N-Y-M-O-U-S
We were made from all the lies you sold to us
We will take the wrong and make it right again
We are breaking down the whole system.

We don't forgive
We don't forget
You're gonna live
With your regret

When all the lies
Reach up to take us
We have to rise

We hear the cries
Of the forsaken
So we have to rise


released September 27, 2011
All vocals written and performed by Orion Satori




Building Castles Alaska

Building Castles is the indie electronic project of Orion Satori.

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