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This is my first EP and it's been in the making for years. I'm proud to say I wrote, produced, performed and recorded all of it on my own. After giving up on ever finding the right people to be in a band with, I didn't write for years, and then, I realized with technology, I could do it all on my own. With no label to please, no band mates to compromise with, and no desire to follow the rules of any particular genre, I just wrote whatever was in my head and my heart. And here is the beginning of that vision. There is much more to come.


released August 12, 2011

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Orion Satori



all rights reserved


Building Castles Alaska

Building Castles is the indie electronic project of Orion Satori.

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Track Name: Anonymous
The revolution will not be televised
It will be streamed live
To every PC, Laptop, every cellphone tonight

We do not forgive
We do not forget
We are...Anonymous

We are anonymous
We'll be victorious
We are the ones in notorious places

We are anonymous
You can't destroy us
We'll wipe the smiles right off of your faces

Everywhere that you go
It could be anyone you know
Your best friend, for revenge
Passing strangers in the flow

Build an army, start a war
Powered by computer core
Victory electrically
So much different than before

This is a world wide weapon
Comin' at you with a lesson
Put our patience to the test
And we'll hit you with aggression

This ain't 1984
We won't take this shit no more
Turn the tables on this bitch
Then we'll even up the score

Anonymous raise hell
Like molotov cocktails
We're always good to throw down
On this digital playground

We came for a riot
Not here to be quiet
So go on, make some more noise
This silence must be destroyed

We don't forgive
We don't forget
You're gonna live
With your regret

When all the lies
Reach up to take us
We have to rise

We hear the cries
Of the forsaken
So we have to rise
Track Name: Thirst
I won't apologize
For being hypnotized
For the way I fantasize
When I look into the sky

I see a universe
With seams about to burst
I drink the Milky Way
But still I feel a thirst

Maybe technology
Can paint a better scene
Maybe eternity
Is not a dying dream
I'll take the first flight
Into the satellites
And I'll see you in another time

On the moon beams
Street lights
Underneath my bones
In the sky
To the starlight

A science fiction king
With science fiction dreams
I wrote a lullaby
That maybe you could sing

Put me to sleep at night
With an atomic flight
Shoot me around the moon
And then I'm out of sight

Maybe humanity
Is just another seed
Maybe our vanity
Is more than we should be
I'll be the alien
Under another sun
When they welcome us from the stars

I've been thinking 'bout the moment
The moment in time
When they'll climb up to the roof tops
And look to the sky

On the edge of the horizon
She'll climb to the stars
As she etches in the skyline
On her way to Mars

Maybe now I won't be alone anymore
Maybe now I will have some room to explore
Track Name: The Science of Change
You look so broken hearted
Wrapped up in your mistakes
It's digging deeper breaking through your skin
You wrote a tragedy
And made yourself a star
Oh don't you dare believe you know the ending

All the world is watching
Oh come on
All the world can see
You now
All the world is waiting
So come on
Rise above your destiny

Give me one, give me one good reason
Why throw your life away
Give me one, give me one good reason
Why don't you follow the science
The science of change
Won't you follow the science
The science of change

They say you built a prison
Inside your DNA
The only captive is your will to change
Confined to solitary
Locked in a single cell
If only you could break into your vains

Can you see now that
It's not easy
But it's not over
Can you see now that
There's no reason
To say it's over now
Track Name: Ghost Town
I just wanna find the love
i just wanna lose the hate
i just wanna find the reason
why we just don't walk away

These streets are getting crowded
These crowds are getting cold
We wrestle with the question
Will we ever make it home

And it feels like a moment
That just won't end
And I feel so alone now
When I pretend
I pretend

This feeling
Was all a mistake
Inside of this ghost town

It's going
As I fade away
Here in this ghost town

These hands are getting colder
These arms are growing numb
I wrap these arms around you
as I 'm fading from the sun

I pass right through these bodies
I pass right through these walls
I pass right through these words of yours
My heart won't beat at all

I'm in too deep
I close
My eyes
But I can't sleep

I know
My heart
It just won't beat
By day
By night
I haunt these streets
I haunt these streets
I haunt these streets
Track Name: Black Holes
I'm done with the negativity
It's spreading like a full blown STD
She's trying to break me
Trying to take me
Trying to bring me to my knees

I don't have to take this
I'm rollin' with a new mentality
If it's faded
If it's jaded
Then I don't want it next to me

I'll cut you out like a cancer
Spin you 'round like a ball room dancer
Have you leavin' like an ex-romancer
You're a question and I'm not your answer

She wanted to climb
Right into my mind
She wanted to tear
It from the inside out

She wanted to steal
She wanted to feel
She wanted to know
What it's all about

So, just roll outa here with your sabotage
Start taking your shit outta my garage
You better close your mouth and remove your claws
I'm seein' right through your camouflage
I got big dreams
I got big goals
I got no time
For people with no soul
I got no love for a down beat
'Cause a down beat fades the light

Black holes
When the stars
She gets down
to the sound
Of your world
Breaking down